A 24 Hour Cancellation is required for all spa services.
Cancellations within 24 hours or No Shows will be charged the full amount of service.
Our therapists are dedicated to providing an outstanding service. Rewarding them with a 18-20% gratuity is
customary and appreciated. An 18% Gratuity will be added to groups of 6 or more.
Please inform of us of any special needs or requests.
The Sanctuary Signature
Light to moderate pressure massage to promote relaxation and wellness.
50 minute / 80 minute session    $80 / $125
50 minute / 80 minute session House Call   $115 / $155

The Muscle Melter
A firmer, deeper therapeutic massage for chronic pain and tension.
50 minute / 80 minute session    $90 / $135
50 minute / 80 minute session House Call    $125 / $165

The Ultimate Couples Massage
Candles, music, and two therapists working simultaneously create
an ambiance of pure bliss for any couple.
50 minute / 80 minute session               $160 / $240
Champagne and chocolates may
be added for an additional $7.

Massage Rx
A massage using light to heavy pressure, a cooling gel, and stretching to
address specific muscle issues
30 minute / 50 minute / 80 minute session    $55 / $95 / $135
50 minute / 80 minute House Call   $130 / $170

Cupping Massage
A negative pressure massage using suction cups to relieve tight muscles
and loosen toxins.  Can be performed on the face for reducing the
appearance of fine lines and encouraging collagen production.  Also
beneficial in treating cellulite by loosening connective tissue (dimpling)
and draining excess fluid.
50 minute / 80 minute session   $95 / $130

Mother's Massage
A soothing, calming massage for mothers-to-be.  Research shows that
massage during pregnancy can alleviate muscle tension due to pelvic
rotation, and help provide for a smoother delivery.
Not available during the first trimester.
50 minute session   $80
50 minute session  House Call   $115

Mobility Massage
Improve range of motion and increase body performance with a
combination of massage and stretching techniques.
50 minute session   $120
50 minute session House Call   $155

Sole Salvation
An ancient Chinese therapy stimulating the reflex points of the feet
through massage. Hot Stones and a hot towel compression conclude the
treatment which will leave your feet feeling heavenly.
25 minute / 50 minute session    $50 / $85

The Pick Me Up
A refreshing massage using light to medium pressure.  Can be enjoyed
alone or can be added to any other spa service.
25 minute session   $50
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