Body Wraps

Sun Soother Wrap
Nature's best sunburn therapy. Also ideal for moisturizing skin that has been dehydrated by sun exposure. The
combination of lavender essential oil, aloe and pure organic coconut oil provide a soothing, cool treatment which will
leave your skin smooth, calm and hydrated. Includes a relaxing scalp massage.  .
30 minute / 50 minute session    $55 / $90

Body Beautiful Wrap
An herbal, detoxifying wrap using Juniper Berry and Lemon essential oils known for their detoxifying and cellulite
reducing properties. Includes a Swedish massage.
50 minute session    $90

Zenergy Wrap
An herbal therapy wrap designed to reduce headaches, stress, aches and pains using lavender and rosemary
essential oils. Includes a Swedish massage.
50 minute session   $90  

Sweet Retreat Wrap
A cocoa scented oil is expertly blended with pure organic coconut oil to provide deep hydration to even the driest of
skin.  The warm intoxicating scent of chocolate and vanilla leave your senses buzzing.  Includes a Swedish massage.
50 minute session    $
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